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8 Feb 2017

How to use Game Gaurdian [Hacking app]

Game Guardian is a free cheating tool for Android devices. which gives you an easy way to hack any android game. 
It modifies the game as you want it. It gives you alot of game coins, cash, level, lives and score modification. it is free of cost.

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Steps to use Game Guardian:-

1- First of all Download Game Gaurdian.
2- Open up the app, set it up and click on start button.
3- There's a doggy icon, now Go into your game.
4- Find a number that u want to change, like cash, health etc. then press the dog button and then a tab will come out.
5- Select your game which you are playing.
6- After that click on the search icon and enter the number of the thing you want to change.
7- Then go back to the game, and try to change that amount.
8- Go back to the dog icon, put changed number.Do this until there is 10 or lesser search results remains.
9- Now put the value you want, click on freeze, and done.
10- Now just wait and the number is chaged.

Screen Shots:-


U Can See Vedio Tutorial:-

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